Midnight State of Mind


 “Midnight State of Mind” 

Photographic Surreal Impressionism

photograph by Taylor J.

(Straight up photography-No computer manipulation)



23 thoughts on “Midnight State of Mind

      • I create my images using self-developed techniques which I call the “Liberum Method”. (Liberum is Latin for free and unrestricted) It is basically the act of creating what is in front of the camera.

      • That sounds intriguing. I will look into that in more detail, are there any specific posts of yours that explain or demonstrate this method? I’m always game to write about artists who are doing something different.

      • I have not made any posts about the method yet, the only thing I have done is explain the thought behind the technique on my website. You can view it here Statement . The reason I have not gone into anymore detail is that I tend to keep the specifics of the method to myself.. I hate to sound secretive but..I am. I have spent a lot of time working on this and as far as I know no one else is doing this, so it is a very exciting place to be! I really really appreciate your interest in this and would be horned if you wrote about it! I will try and answer as much for you as I can.

      • Coolio, I’ll do some more reading about you. Always interested to see what other artists are doing, and giving them a shout out to the world. I tend to write about artists in blocks of 3, so I’ll be looking out for 2 more to join you, before I publish the posts.

        I recently wrote about definitions, as a response to your post “The Photography Lie”, basically from my point of view as a mobile photographer whose main methods involve the use of Apps. Read my post “A Question of Definitions” which explains my train of thought as I systematically go through and discard each label or definition, in an attempt to shoehorn myself into a recognisable form.

      • Sounds good, I really appreciate it!

        I will definitely read your post tonight, it very sounds interesting. Feel free to comment back with a direct link to your post so others can find it easily if you want.

  1. totally, totally love your work…don’t know how you create these masterpieces, but they are literally works of art

  2. This looks like it would be the perfect artwork for above a fireplace – it looks almost like fire, though the colors are different. Though I guess it depends on what you are burning – on the other hand I don’t think my high school chemistry teacher could possibly have come up with a pink flame.

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