Flores Theatro

I am excited to introduce Flores Theatro, a whimsical portfolio of floral impressions.   I began this project a few months ago out of the urge to just photograph some flowers.  It has now turned into a serious photographic endeavor of mine that I really enjoy producing.  Unlike my other work the subjects in these images are easily identifiable, flowers.  Though I feel that my tendency to explore the abstract or surreal side of things has carried over in this project.

Being one who believes that titles are an important part of artwork I had some trouble deciding how to go about naming the photographs.  I played with a couple different things.  Naming them according the type of flowers they are was one idea.  Though this seemed bulky and very tedious resulting in long mundane titles, not to mention the time researching flower species.   I briefly considered a custom name for each like “Morning Daisys”, but this just felt unnatural to me.  Finally I came up with a scientific way of titling that matched the way I photographed the flowers.  Before I start shooting I go to the store and pick out a fresh bouquet and then spend a couple different sessions on it at different times.  I decided to name the images according to that process.  Each title is a record of the specific bouquet and the session at witch it was photographed, for example “Bouquet 4 Session 3 # 5”.  I like how these hard calculated titles balance with the soft dreaminess of the photographs.

You can view more on my website www.taylorjphoto.com.


21 thoughts on “Flores Theatro

  1. Taylor, I like these very much–though the hues are not my favorites on many, but I like many of the shots. Have you done them up in B&W at all? I confess I am a big b&w fan, but I always find it interesting to see color images in a B/W state. Often I will watch a film in color then again right after in B/W– I did that with Last Samurai the other night (I had done it before) and though film is a different medium–sort of–it is always interesting. Any way, my 2 cents worth. But glad to see you again. Had wondered where you’d gone. Good work, really. I know how it is when you get into a groove (as opposed to rut)–wonderful feeling while it lasts. >KB

  2. Hi Taylor,
    Personally the most abstract ones appeal to me – just because they’re so different than many flower photos, and not quite so obviously flowers. My favorites are the middle and left one on the bottom row and the right one on the row above. I think they would be most stunning when blown up to 3×4′ kinda size, so they even less obviously flowers. A cool body of work!

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