I am a contemporary photographic artist working near Nashville, Tennessee.  Aside from an apprenticeship I am predominately self taught.  I began my career working as an ad photographer for several magazines, mainly shooting restaurants and food.  While my early career was successful it would be brief.  I had no connection with my work and felt like I wasn’t really creating anything.  I then decided to drop everything and pursue the fine art side of photography.  Since then I have developed a new method for making photographs that allows me to escape the viewfinder and create images from imagination and memory.  The use of this method has allowed me the freedom to create my body of Photographic Surreal Impressionism.

All of my images are photographs, created honestly using only pure photographic techniques.  Though I like to keep the specifics to myself I will say that there is no computer manipulation nor the use of any other medium involved in their creation.  They are also not photos of paintings.


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106 thoughts on “About

  1. Taylor, I am so thrilled to read that you are self-taught. Your work is psychologically inviting! I must say that it is heartening to see works of young artists, such as yourself, in a world filled with daily heartbreaking news. It does renew one’s belief in the inner beauty of man.

  2. Hello – I came over here to peek, since you liked my painting. I’m so glad I did! Your work is beautiful, and its a delight to read that you don’t use digital manipulation. I’m not against it per se – it has its uses, but I fear that traditional methods are losing out because of it. Its nice that you stay authentic to your craft. 😀

  3. hehe that is quite impressive Taylor! Great to read you’ve found your own way of expressing yourself creatively! And my my.. strange and intriguing art! I’m curious as to what you will create in the future, so ‘follow’ it is 🙂


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