Tiny Exhibition In Nashville

Nashville Tiny Gallery # 2

Nashville Tiny Gallery # 2

When thinking of an art gallery one usually pictures artworks displayed on large white walls.  I have had the opportunity to be included in a gallery that is doing just the opposite.  “Nashville Tiny Gallery” is a physical gallery space created and curated by Nashville Artist Ben Griffith.  About the size of a brick the space is painted, floored and equipped with recessed lighting.  I was fortunate to have three of my pieces selected for the exhibition which includes the work of seven other artists.  The gallery debuted during the this months art crawl in  downtown Nashville.

"Yard Bunny" Moving" 1.25" X .8"

“Yard Bunny” Moving” 1.25″ X .8″

Exhibition Prints

Exhibition Prints

Left Side

Right Side

Right Side

 (sorry for the poor image quality, only had a cell phone with me)



11 thoughts on “Tiny Exhibition In Nashville

  1. Wow, Taylor, that is such a cool concept! I bet it must’ve been amusing watching people crouch down on the floor to look at the display :-). Your photos look awesome regardless of whether they’re blown up supersize or miniaturized. Congrats and well done.

  2. Oh hang on, I just looked again…it’s not on the floor under that wall is it, lol. It’s on a table? Appearances sure can be deceiving, especially when things are in miniature scale.

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