Forma # 50

Fine Art Photographic Collage

“Forma # 50”

From the series, “Orbis”.

photograph by Taylor Jorjorian 2015


7 thoughts on “Forma # 50

  1. I like how you arranged each little “inchie” (for want of a better word), in such a way that the eye is constantly moving over the whole “board” trying to find a pattern repeat. And just when one thinks they’ve found the repeat sequence (like in fabric designing), they realise that the sequence isn’t identical at all, so they have to start their search all over again. Will this be available for sale anywhere, Taylor? I’d love to have it poster-sized over my bed! Aly 🙂

  2. Taylor, I haven’t seen any of this series prior to this piece, but it seems to be a departure from your previous works…not that this is a negative by any means. I like this image a lot. I can stare at it for hours!

    • This one has about 30 different circle photos in it. As time goes on and I build up my “circle library” I hope to have more and more per image. The end goal is 1,000 completely different individual circles in one image.

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