New Series, “Pieces Of Infinity”.

Continuous Expanse # 15

Continuous Expanse # 15


I am happy to announce a new series of work, “Pieces Of Infinity”.  Like all of my imagery these photographs are created using in camera techniques along with various manipulations of the subject in front of the camera.  This body of work features rich colorful patterns that are seemingly endless, hence the theme of infinity.  Always fascinated with time and the thought of infinity I wanted to create artworks that conveyed the notion of endlessness.  Instead of giving the viewer an entire subject to take in, these works are meant to appear as a small piece, plucked out of an infinite architecture that extends far beyond the edges of the photograph.


The Architecture Of Infinity # 2

The Architecture Of Infinity # 2

Fragment # 9

Fragment # 9

photographs by Taylor Jorjorian 2015


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