Finished Print


Freshly made print for a new collector.  The image is titled “Truth Unfathomable” and is printed to 16×16″ on enriched matte paper.  I definitely enjoy printing my photographs as much as capturing them.


9 thoughts on “Finished Print

  1. Congrats. I know the feeling–for me it is posting though I am doing less of it now because I am trying to get legitimately published in mags. But there is always a great thrill in seeing your work reproduced from the original. Smiles…>KB

      • I’ve done that. Have posted with someone with over 80,000 folowers on a steady basis. My site got too time consuming and if I post something online it is considered pyblished and mags won’t touch it then. It is a long process with a low yield but it is legitamate. I’m going to write whether I get pubnlished or not but you never know. There are a lot of poet’s out there. Thanks. >KB Of course if you knew someone who might help that would be great. k

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