Your Head

Your Head

 “Your Head” 

photograph by Taylor J.

Photographic Surreal Impressionism

Wanting more control over my imagery I have developed a method for making photographs that allows me to escape the viewfinder and create deeply personal images from imagination and memory.  I call this my “Libuerm” method.  Liberum is a latin word meaning free and unrestricted.  This simple definition fully embodies what my work is all about. Though I prefer to keep the specifics of my techniques to myself I will say that all of my work is strictly photographic in nature.  There is no digital manipulation or the use of any other medium involved in the production of my photographs.


8 thoughts on “Your Head

  1. Libuerm indeed! I really love your work, its so wonderful to find someone who has thought “out the box” and created something new and free! -C

  2. In a number of your posts you seem to resent the fact that viewers fail to realize these are ‘photographs’, and you even propose a strict definition of a ‘photograph’. I would suggest that the work, if effective, really must speak for itself. If the work is ‘photographic’ it should show that it is; visually. The image needs to stand on it’s own, not on a label.

    • At a museum or gallery exhibition when I am appreciating a peice of art there is usually a small card or plaque under the piece which contains info about the piece. Usually it says artist name, title and medium..watercolor on paper or something like that. Why not do the same thing with photography?? I see you have done the same, so you contradict yourself sir. I clicked your Plein Air section and you have done the same thing..”DEER CREEK” 14″ X 36″ Oil/Panel.

      How long wold you take your paintings being called photographs before you would speak up? How about if you were excluded from a painting exhibition because they were mistaken, then would you? I am not mad that my photographs are mistaken for painting, I just have found and been advised to openly state what they are.

      You say..”If the work is ‘photographic’ it should show that it is; visually”. That implies all photographs must kinda look the same. I disagree and feel that is a somewhat narrow view and limits any growth in the medium. (Unless I have mistaken what you meant.)

      Speaking in general terms of just “ART” though, sure a piece should be able to stand on it own.

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