Impression Number One

Impression Number One

“Impression Number One”

photograph by Taylor J.

Photographic Surreal Impressionism

(This one is an oldie, one of the first “Impressions” I ever did.)

All of my work is strictly photographic in nature, created honestly using only pure photographic techniques.  There is NO digital manipulation or the use of any other medium involved in the production of my photographs.  It is very important to me to make my photographs honestly as I believe it gives my work a sense of integrity and provides a more organic feel to the work.  When you are viewing one of my photographs you know that you are viewing something that was a physically there for a moment in time.


11 thoughts on “Impression Number One

  1. likes your work! We like your original style. It is what we look for in our resident artists. We invite you to submit your work to the gallery.

    Founder/Senior Curator
    Stacia Gates

  2. Wow, this is beautiful. I am fascinated by your photographs and the fact that they are not manipulated. Well done!

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