Stamp Prints and Signature Prints

I have always had difficulty trying to find the best way to make my photographs available for purchase.  I have literally paced the floor for years debating how to go about it.  Here is my predicament. My main goal and dream is to have my work shown in art galleries.  This would mean having high end prints with a high end price tag.  At the same time I want to be able to share my work with as many people as possible and most causal art collectors want a reasonable price.  You can see how this puts me in a tight spot.  If I price my work to low I can kiss the gallery world goodbye, price it to high and almost no one can afford to enjoy it.   Of course morally I cannot sell a a print to someone for $X and then turn around sell the same print to someone else half that price. For the longest time I tried pricing my work somewhere in the middle.  All this did was make my photographs to expensive for the average person and to cheap for a gallery.  Can you feel my headache now?

Then while watching TV one night I saw two car commercials come on.  One was for Toyota the other was for Lexus.  Both great vehicles produced by the same company, only one has more luxury features.  It dawned on me that I could do the same thing with my photographs.  Offer two different types of prints, each with its own individually qualities.  This way I can share my work with all types of art enthusiasts without damaging the integrity of my printed work.   After refining all the details I am happy (and relieved) to have come up with two great options for owning my photographs.  I am now making my work available in the form of either a Stamp Print or a Signature Print.

The Stamp Prints are offered as a way to own a piece of fine art a reasonable price.  They are called Stamp prints because they are hand stamped with my signature.  I had the stamp laser modeled from my actual signature.  The ink used on the stamp is acid free.  They are printed on a high quality enriched matte paper and available with limited size options.

stamp prints signature prints

(stamp used on my Stamp Prints)

Signature Prints are for the serious art collector. They are hand signed, numbered, dated and include a Certificate of Authenticity.  These prints are available in any size desired and are printed on heavyweight fine art paper.  I also maintain a living archive containing the information (size,title,date) for each Signature print I create.  This archive will help to preserve the lineage of my printed work.  I offer the buyer the option of having their name or organization recorded in the archive as the owner of the print.  This gives the buyer the opportunity to become a part of the prints heritage.  Of course you may remain anonymous if you wish.

For more information on my prints please visit me at


11 thoughts on “Stamp Prints and Signature Prints

  1. good luck! btw, have you looked at Saatchi online. i have work there for about a year and sold an original piece a few months ago. Stefanie

  2. Hi there, I just found your blog, and I was wondering if you’d be willing to share (publicly or privately) how you came to your prices for your work? I’m having a bit of trouble in that area. If you’re willing, you can either reply to me here, or email me at Thank you.


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