Art and Chili!!

35679-2012 35665-2012 35676-2012 35682-2012

My work is being featured on over ONE MILLION cans of chili as a part of Southgate Brand Food’s “The Discovery Of Art” showcase!  Southgate’s chili is packaged by Vietti Foods here in Nashville, TN.  The photograph on the can is titled “Yard Bunny, Moving”!


16 thoughts on “Art and Chili!!

  1. Awesome, dude! 🙂 …Congratulations! …Also, didn’t know you were in Nashville, TN… I’m right outside Knoxville. Grats again, man!

  2. Cool. I would like to participate, but it looks like they are not currently accepting entries (there’s no link on their site to do so). How did you hear about it and sign on?

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