“The Way”

“The Way”

photograph by Taylor J.

I classify my work as Photographic Surreal Impressionism.  A genre of imagery that photographically conveys my feelings on a subject in a surreal manner.  Created using only various photographic technques, without the use of any digital manipulation.  By only using pure photographic methods I think my images retain a sense of honesty and have more of an organic feel to them.


9 thoughts on ““The Way”

  1. Wow,this is very powerful for me. I wish I knew how to do images like this. It must give you soo much freedom in expressing yourself! I have noticed that when you make colorfull images they tend to be pretty much positively valenced (at least color-wise). I hope that that’s how you feel as well. However, even though the colors are positive, I feel a deep story behind them.
    Can I just ask, do you make those by composing more images into one? Thank you. I wish you all the best.

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