Building Crescent

“Building Crescent  “

Impressions in Black and White

Photograph by Taylor J.

For the entire month of October I have mainly focused on creating new images and growing my body of work.   At the beginning of last month I felt out of balance.  I had become preoccupied with other art related things(which is fine) but I wasn’t actually making any art (which is not fine).  I also felt that the size of my portfolio was very limited, as of last month I only had about 50 images in my portfolio.  I decided the the best thing I could do was to commit the next several weeks to image creation (what I love the most anyway ).  So for the last 30 days I have spent the majority of my time working in “The Machine.”  This is one of the first images I made earlier this month.

…….. and as always, this photo was created using my “Liberum” method and there was no computer manipulation involved in this or any of my images creation.


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