An interview with Taylor Jorjorian – photographic surreal impressionism



Check out this interview I just did for The Photo Impressionism Project. It is a great blog with a lot of great impressionistic style photography on it. My thanks goes to Stephen D’Agostino for the opportunity.

Originally posted on The Photo Impressionism Project:

Taylor Jorjorian

Taylor’s abstract photographs are unique and visually compelling. I find they  have a sense of movement and depth you don’t expect in the abstract. In fact the first time I saw them I paused, first drawn to the movement, then the colour and finally the suggestion of a deliberate photographic process.


“Yard Bunny, Moving” © Taylor Jorjorian – This is my personal favourite. I love the pallet and I find I am drawn deeper and deeper into the swirls.

“The first reaction I usually get when someone sees one of my prints is oh, that’s a picture of a painting.” – Nashville Arts Magazine

I first came across Taylor Jorjorian browsing the blogs on  Son to  fine art nature photographer (Byron Jorjorian), Taylor Jorjorian’s first aspiration was to be a commercial chef, but as he describes it,  photographing food was more satisfying than cooking it.  Creatively his journey has moved from painting…

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